Papers by Thoralf Czichy

University of Technology, Dresden, 2001

Diploma Thesis: Pattern-based Software Development - An Empirical Study

Diploma Thesis Presentation: Pattern-based Software Development (German)

Lappeenranta University of Technology, 1999-2000

Term Paper: Advanced Programming, C++ Project (Source Code)

Term Paper: Advanced Programming, Java Project (Source Code)

Term Paper: SPSS Project, Consumption Forecast, Business Forecasting (pdf, 480K)

Term Paper: Management of Technology, Case Apple Computers

Term Paper: Business in China, Mary Kay China - Shanghai market entry

Term Paper: Object Oriented Design, Modeling library service using UML

Term Paper: Innovative Global Business Strategies, Case Electrolux

University of Technology, Dresden, 1995-1999

Term Paper (german): Der Einsatz von Referenzmodellen bei der Einführung von Standardsoftware im Rahmen einer Beratungstätigkeit

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